How does the homestay booking work?

  • You or your representative (relative, school, or agent) submits an online homestay application. You would need to include information about desired city or town and school address when applicable. You will need to include some general information about you for the introduction to host families and the required homestay dates, meal plan, a photograph, etc. All will support your application to receive successful homestay offer from a host family.
  • Our agency’s homestay coordinator compiles a profile about you and your homestay inquiry. She/he will electronically submit it to host families in the area you want. Interested hosts will be invited to make an offer to you quickly. Each offer will be immediately reviewed by a homestay coordinator to ensures that it is complete and meets our minimum standards. These steps take about a couple of business days to complete. Your patience will be very appreciated as this step may take longer depending on offers that we receive for all applicants on the same day.
  • A homestay coordinator prepares the proposal and sends it to you to evaluate. She/he may make more than one suggestion or proposal to compare, depending on the number of offers that we receive from hosts in the first five days from application time. If you accept a homestay offer and wish to book it, you must inform your homestay coordinator right away. This way you can ensure the homestay availability for you.
  • A homestay coordinator will send you an invoice to secure a down payment to hold the room for you. The down payment would be 15% of your homestay fees. The down payment is deductible from your overall homestay fees. You can pay the invoice online by Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, or wire transfer.  You will need to pay the balance of your fees in predetermined payments to your host after your arrival to the homestay.
  • Upon a successful booking, you will be required to communicate by email or telephone with your host to reconfirm your arrival date and time at the homestay.

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