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My homestay is located in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island in the C1E1Z2 postal/zip code area.
Miltonvale Parck is a beautiful neighborhood close to downtown Charlottetown, the University of Prince Edward Island and the bus system.

With lots of trees our house is next to a bicycle and walking path called the Confederation Trail. It is only 21 minutes by bicycle to the University and 20 minutes by bus. It is 12 minutes by car downtown.

The household usually consist of:
adults: one,
children: one,
students: one,
and pets: one.
Bicycling, hiking, birdwatching, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, reading, skating, karate, camping, swimming.
I usually have one furnished guestroom(s). I can offer Three meals a day, access to WiFi Internet, and more. My room rate depends on the length of stay and starts from $ 1,000 a month.
For room availability, apply online.
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