Becoming a host with IHA

How to become a homestay host?

Becoming a homestay host for international students and guests is an excellent way to form worldwide friendships while making an additional income to offset your home’s expenses, such as food and utilities. You enjoy meeting and sharing your home with students and introducing them to your family, friends, and lifestyle, and then you are on your way to becoming a homestay host.

Homestay earnings start from:

Room only
Start from
a month

Private room



With Breakfast
Start from
a month

Private room



With Three Meals
Start from
a month

Private room


3 meals

Consider the following when you hosting international students

You must have an extra furnished, comfortable guest room and a happy environment. Each guestroom must offer a comfortable bed with clean linen, good lighting, a desk and chair, a closet, a door, and a window with shade for student privacy.

You must also include utilities and WiFi in the homestay rate you offer to students. Most students nowadays consider high-speed Internet access as necessary as having water in your home. All members of your household should be able to welcome students, speak English at all times when the student is present, and assist them in any way they can. You should be able to meet students when they arrive at your home and ready to show them around your home and neighbourhood.

As part of being a good host or ambassador, you should advise students on how to stay safe around the area, show them how to commute to and from school or college, and shop for food, snacks, or clothing. In addition, inform them of the best ways to use the public transit network in your city for faster and easy commutes. Giving students information about the attractions and fun places to visit would also be helpful. Ensure that the student will have a good map, home address, or contact card before they go out first time alone. Finally, include them in fun activities with your family if you can. Some students and their parents may wish to opt-in and pay their own cost for these activities if you ask.

  • Easily list your homestay online.
  • Create an anonymous listing webpage for your homestay.
  • Receive sufficient information in your inbox about potential student inquiries in your area.
  • Accept or decline any homestay inquiries with a click of a button.
  • Complete your homestay offer in minutes.
  • When a student is interested in your request, a coordinator will contact you.
  • Receive help with signing a standard homestay booking agreement with the student.
  • The above-demonstrated income schedule may vary.
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