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Becoming a host for students is an excellent way to form worldwide friendships and offer support to them while making sufficient income to offset some of your home's expenses, the cost of food, and utilities.

If you enjoy meeting and sharing your home with students and introduce them to your family, friends, and lifestyle, then you are on your way to becoming a homestay host. You have an extra furnished guest room that is private, clean and comfortable. Each room ought to offer a standard, comfortable bed with clean linen, good lighting, desk and chair, closet, a door and a window. Yes, for most students good access to WiFi is as important as access to drinking water at your home.

All members of your home like to host a student or think that hosting students is a good idea. You should be able to meet students when they arrive at your home, and able to show them around your home and neighborhood. Nevertheless, be able to advise them on how to stay safe around the area, show them how to commute to and from school or college, where to shop for additional food or clothing, and best ways to use the public transit network in your city. Information about attractions and places to see would also be helpful.

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