Homestay in North Vancouver Canada

Homestay accommodations in North Vancouver area

North Vancouver homestay providers, host families, and IHA are proud to present you with a short list of our host families for the North Vancouver area. The agency is currently recruiting host families in North Vancouver.

Id #PhotoHomestay inPostal/Zip
18525North VancouverV7G1C2
18229North VancouverV7N1H2
18201North VancouverV7J2R4
18111North VancouverV7P3M5
18043North VancouverV7R1B7
18032North VancouverV7N2Z2
18030North VancouverV7P-1M5
17960North VancouverV7P2X3
17835North VancouverV7M2T5
17505North VancouverV7K2H5

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All North Vancouver host families listed above are subject to room availability. A guest application is required for matching purposes.