Homestay Pricing

What does a homestay usually include?

Homestay families offer furnished rooms at lower prices than furnished apartments or shared accommodations. The homestay pricing includes utilities such as electricity, heat, water, laundry, and internet access. Many homestays include wireless high-speed Internet at no extra charge. A large number of hosts include up to three meals per day. Some hosts with a busy work schedule, allow mature students to store, prepare, and cook their food in the kitchen for a lower homestay cost.

Monthly Rates Start From:

Rooms only
no meals start from
a month

Furnished Room

Shared Kitchen

WiFi Access

Breakfast only
one meal start from
a month

Furnished Room


WiFi Access

Full board
three meals start from
a month

Furnished Room

3 meals

WiFi Access

The above monthly homestay rates may vary depending on location, seasonality, room occupancy, and length of stay. Our host families set their rates within city homestay averages to support students and newcomers.  Here is a live search for average monthly rates set by host families for their homestay rates. If you like, you can filter rates by country, state, or city: click here

Why use homestay booking services?

  1. The majority are located within easy access to public transportation.
  2. Pay the lower registration fees than most schools from USD 199/CAD 270 per student.
  3. Our homestay coordinator will assist you every step of the way to book your homestay.
  4. Receive homestay offer(s) from hosts within five business days.*
  5. Pay a small priority service fee to expedite and receive an offer within 3 to 7 days.*
  6. Pay as low as 15% of your homestay fees to book.*
  7. Pay the remaining balance in easy payments after arrival to your host.*
  8. Prepay monthly fee for dedicated coordinator's support during your stay.

Homestay satisfaction is important to us:

  • Have to change homestay, we can assist you again for a small fee.*
  • Need to extend our stay at the same homestay? We will inquire for you.*
  • Need airport pick up? You may ask the host family may help you.*
  • Need guardianship or find an ESL school? Yes, we can help.*
  • Need additional customer support? We have low-priced support packages.*

(*) Some conditions may apply.

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