I hosted for years with IHA

I hosted students for years. I find IHA’s staff to be professional. I find Ehab and Mark service oriented and want to help my students and me. I am quite happy with their services. I worked with other agencies and schools but found IHA to be unique with high success booking rate vs. other online services or websites. They always matched with my hosting preferences successfully. They care about me and care about the students too. If a student was not a good fit, they helped replace with another host family. Many companies came and gone in this business, but they have been number one for me. At least most of my students knew about me, my house, and location well before they arrived at my home. The agency allowed me to get paid directly by the student. They gave me a lot of flexibility with pricing my rooms, and their fee is quite low compared to agencies from abroad or schools who have lots of red tapes.

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