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Most popular meal plan is the daily
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by followed by three meals for younger
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for students who can cook on their own.

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Most popular meal plan is the daily
Breakfast and dinner. It is followed
by followed by three meals, then
breakfast, or no meals for students
who can cook on their own.

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I/We, (the applicant, participant, registrant, host, host family, the applicant, and representative), understand and acknowledge all possible risks related to participating in a homestay program. I/We accept to provide proof of identification and a recent background check for verification when required of adult members of the household and me. I/We agree to release and hold VHA-Vancouver Homestay Agency Inc. LLC (VHA, IHA, the agency), its entities, employees, agents, shareholders, partners, subsidiaries, and representatives harmless, in part or whole, now and in the future, from all liabilities, damage, and loss claims. The agency reserves the right to remove any listing deemed to be harmful or if it does not meet minimum standards. We/I reviewed and accepted the agency's online terms and conditions, homestay guidelines, and privacy policy.
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