Terms and conditions


The agency is IHA-International Homestay Agency, operated by VHA – Vancouver Homestay Agency Inc, LLC. (the agency).

The user(s) are the clients and customers, students, parents and guardians, applicants and candidates, homestays, host families, hosts and homeowners, tenants and landlords, schools, colleges, and universities, agents, consultants, and representatives, singular or plural (the user or users).

The program is the agency’s online placement services and offerings dedicated to the users. (the program).

The following terms and conditions apply to all users of the agency’s program.

A) The agency instructs all users to read and understand the following terms and conditions, student and homestay guidelines, frequently asked questions and answers for students and hosts, and the privacy policy linked here and located on the agency website and registration forms.

B) The agency welcomes host families (the users) who can safely accommodate students and newcomers (the users); however, the agency neither guarantees nor warrants the users’ safety and security. While the agency reserves the right to screen some users, the agency advises all users to consider all risks and possible options before participating in the program or making any purchases or bookings.

C) Risks are events and outcomes that the user needs to consider and assume could occur. These risks are, but not limited to, loss of life, all types of disabilities, injuries, damages, assaults, abuse and harassment, house fire, infectious diseases, thefts, accidents, human errors and omissions, animal attacks and insect bites, food poisoning, motor vehicle collisions, disputes, loss of wages and earnings, financial, medical and legal bills.

D) The agency does not assume responsibility for all risks, as listed above in section C, and all liabilities resulting from injuries, losses, damages, disputes, or accidents that may occur during the users’ homestay program and after the program ends.

E) The users assume all risks, as listed above in section C, and agree to release the agency harmless, including all owners, stakeholders, executives, employees, agents, and representatives from all risks and liabilities. The users must accept that the agency is not responsible for the actions performed by any third party and other users of the program.

F) The agency recommends that the users purchase adequate insurance coverage, which may include but is not limited to travel, health and medical, injury, liabilities, life, emergency, home, vehicle and more. Contact an insurance broker, travel agent, or school for more information regarding insurance options.

G) While the agency does not offer medical emergency or policing services, should a user report an urgent incident to the agency, the agency would do the following:

1) If the user cannot report the matter to authorities, the agency would assist by reporting the issue to the police and call for an ambulance when necessary.

2) The agency would offer homestay alternatives to homestay depending on the circumstances and available vacancies.

H) The agency acts in good faith as an independent broker. The agency neither mediates nor moderates conflicts between the users. The agency may assist with re-booking an alternative homestay when necessary and subject to available vacancies.

I) To terminate or cancel a homestay arrangement or participating in the program, a user must give one month’s written notice to the agency.

J) Refunds of full and partial homestay fees (rent) and advance payment are subject to the homestay booking agreement’s clauses and timelines.

K) The user registration, listing setup and activation fee, and service charge are non-refundable.

L) Only the Courts of British Columbia Canada will action any unresolved legal disputes or claims brought forward against the agency as a defendant or a material witness.

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