Homestay location * (1)
Destination Country *
Select the destination country.
It is the country where you need
homestay or attend study.

At first, select homestay country
Destination Prov./State *
Select destination state/province
or province in order to select
the city name in next drop down
field. Country must be selected
first for this field to appear.

Second, select the homestay province or state
Destination City/Town *
Select the homestay destination
city or town from the list or
the closest town or suburb.
You must select country and state
before you could search the list
of city names in the area.

Third, select homestay city or town
Other City
Include any other town(s)
in the proximity of your school
that can potentially be
another good nearby location.
If you are flexible with location,
city, or town, let us know here.

Others towns or suburbs
Homestay request * (2)
Start Date *
Select start date that you wish to
start or move into a homestay.
Note: it must be at least three days
from today.

The expected move in date at homestay
End Date *
Select homestay end date that
you plan to move out from the

The expected move out date.
Reason for visit
In couple of words, tell us the
reason why you want to stay
in a homestay

Average Homestay Rates
Average monthly homestay rates
are based on all current data of
homestay pricing by city. It is
useful to determine your budget
or asking price.

Here is a link to help you research the average monthly homestay rate to set your budget: Search Average Rates
Preferred Meals
Select meal plan that you
wish to get during your stay.
Note: Breakfast or lunch
meals are usually self-service.

$ Monthly Budget
The budget should be a
reasonable figure, so
the success of your
homestay placement will
depend on this figure.
If you are staying less
than a month. Your budget
will be prorated to daily
or weekly for a short stay.

Do you have a special diet?
Do you have any special diet?
i.e. veterinarian, no dairy,
don't eat fish, etc...

Do you have a special request?
Request like host ID number
or else

School or workplace * (3)
Will you commute to school or workplace?
We need to know if you will attend
school or college at the homestay
destination. This way, we can plan
to make your daily commute easier
if it is all possible.

Name of school, college, university,
or work place that you will commute to
every day after you start your homestay.

School or organization name you'll attend.
Street address
Postal Code
Zip or Postal code of you school
college, university, or work
Without state code please

Homestay applicant* (4)
Applicant First Name *
Your given name

Family Name *
Family name

Gender *
State your gender for the purpose matching
with household members preference
and fellow students when possible.

Age *
State your age for host family to
evaluate the required level of care
and involvement needed to host you.

Citizen of *
Are okay with pets?
Select no to pet type that you cannot
live with or tolerate for any reason.
Remember most hosts have pets
so choose carefully in order to find
a suitable homestay.

Do you smoke?
No smoking is allowed majority of
western homes and residences.
Some hosts offer designated outdoor
areas to smoke. Select smoke outside
if you need to smoke.

What is your English level?
Tell us about your spoken English level.
i.e. Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced

Do you have any allergies?
Like food allergies or else!

Do you have a health condition?
Health condition like diagnosed
physical or psychological
that host should be aware off

Emergency Insurance?
Do you have or will
you purchase emergency
health and medical insurance
upon arrival?

Health and Medical Insurance
Your Hobbies
What are you hobbies?
Example: Soccer, Reading,
Movies, Games, ...

Applicant photo* (5)
Personal Photo *
Add student or guest photo to
introduce you to host families.
We ask host to reciprocate with
their photos too.

Select File...

Click to upload or drag a file and drop it here
Contact person* (6)
Who is the contact person for the applicant?
Who are you?

Email *
The agency coordinator
will use your email to
contact you.

Confirm Email
Type your email address
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email address. Please DO
NOT copy and paste for
better result.

Mobile Number
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WhatsApp *
Type your WhatsApp
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country code.

Home Phone
type your home number including
country code and area code

Home address* (7)
Home Address *
Home Town *
type your city or town name

Home State
type your state or province

Home Country
Home Zip
your zip or postal code

Emergency contact
Emergency Contact
Some whom the agency or host family
can contact in case that you are hurt
or in need of help.

Emergency Mobile
Sharing companion (8)
Companion / Roommate
Will you have anyone coming
to stay with you at the homestay?
Select Yes, if you want them to be
accommodated with you. If you
select No, leave this companion
fields blank or empty

Arrival date (9)
Arrival Time
Time of arrival if you know by now.
You can add arrival information later.

Agreement* (10)
Kindly review disclaimer
and terms and conditions,
student guidelines and
privacy policy prior to
submitting your application.

We/I, (the applicant, participant, registrant, student, guest, agent, parent, guardian, and representative), understand and acknowledge all possible risks related to participating in a homestay program and staying in someone's home. We/I agree to hold this homestay agency (IHA/VHA) harmless including all its entities, directors, employees, agents, shareholders, partners, and subsidiaries from all liabilities, damages, injury, and loss claims. We/I reviewed and accepted the online terms and conditions, student guidelines, and privacy policy.
Do You Accept Disclaimers? *
To proceed, you must mark
this yes to indicate that you
read the disclaimer, student
guidelines, privacy policy, and
the terms and conditions.

You can submit your application, when you select "Yes" to accept disclaimer.
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