Homestay Accommodation

Homestay is a residence where a local host family, who offers furnished accommodations to students or newcomers. The primary homestay caretaker should be able to provide much-needed support and guidance. Therefore, homestay becomes a more suited option for international students and young travelers than leasing expensive apartments.

A large number of colleges and schools make homestay a requirement for international students to stay with local host families. At the homestay, the host family familiarizes the student with the local area — the student practices speaking the language with family members too.

International homestay agency offers student housing placement services; like the search for a homestay, student introduction to host family, and booking accommodations in advance.

Become a homestay guest or host.


We are open for business to assist current domestic and newcomers. Our staff is working from home to comply with a physical distancing by the Canadian health authorities. They are available to respond to all inquiries and preparing for the academic year 2020/21 and beyond. In the fall and winter 2020, the possibility that educational institutions would start with a combination of in-class sessions and virtual learning is very likely-allowing for distancing measures. Therefore, before moving into any shared living arrangements, we urge all returning travelers and newcomers to follow the directions of the health authorities, like 14-day quarantine, physical distancing, and wearing masks.