Student Housing Services

IHA homestay agency offers student housing placement services, such as searching for homestays, student introduction to hosts, and booking accommodations. A homestay is a residence where a local host or family offers furnished accommodations to students and newcomers.

Benefits Of Staying In A Homestay

There are many advantages to homestay. The following will explain why you should explore this accommodation option while travelling to another country to study.

  • Receive Local Guidance
  • Immerse Yourself In Local Lifestyle
  • Practice the language And Make New Friends
  • Taste Local Homemade Dishes

Welcome to New Hosts

You should soon discover the benefits of staying in a homestay outweigh any other accommodation options — all of which may make you decide to stay longer at your homestay.


We urge returning travellers, international students, and newcomers to follow the directions of the local health authorities upon arrival, such as the Covid-19 testing vaccinations when available, 14-day quarantine period after arrival, physical distancing, washing hands and wearing masks. Canadian Border Covid-19 travel update for international students, click the button below.