Why students choose Homestay?

Homestay is a residence where a local host or family offering furnished accommodations to students and newcomers. The primary homestay caretaker should be able to provide shelter, support, and guidance. Therefore, homestay becomes a more suited option for students than leasing or sharing expensive apartments.

Several ESL schools make homestay a requirement for international students to stay with local host families. At the homestay, the local hosts or their family usually familiarizes the student with the local area — the student practices speaking the language with family members.

International homestay agency offers student housing placement services, such as searching for homestays, student introduction to hosts, and booking accommodations.

The Benefits Of Staying In A Homestay

There are many advantages to homestay. The following will show you why you ought to explore this accommodation option while travelling to another country to study.

Learn Some Significant Cultural Practices

Have Good Guidance and Information

Immerse Yourself in the Local Customs

Get a New Local Family and Make Friendships

Taste Homemade Dishes and Local Cuisine

These are only some of the many benefits of the homestay experience. You will soon discover the benefits of staying in a homestay outweigh most disadvantages — all of which may make you decide to stay longer at your homestay.

The underlying essence of homestay is all about integration in the local society and learning about the locals. Furthermore, numerous students’ and host’s experiences throughout the years demonstrated that the homestay program is quite beneficial for both students and host families.

Finally, the advantages of staying in a homestay can outweigh its disadvantages — all which could help you decide to select a homestay.

Do you want to Become a homestay guest or homestay host?


We are open for business to assist current domestic and newcomers. Our staff is working from home to comply with a physical distancing by the Canadian health authorities. They are available to respond to all inquiries and preparing for the academic year 2020/21 and beyond. In the fall and winter 2020, the possibility that educational institutions would start with a combination of in-class sessions and virtual learning is very likely-allowing for distancing measures. Therefore, before moving into any shared living arrangements, we urge all returning travelers and newcomers to follow the directions of the health authorities, like 14-day quarantine, physical distancing, and wearing masks.