About Homestay Agency


International Homestay Agency is operated by VHA-Vancouver Homestay Agency Inc., a company registered in British Columbia, Canada since 2005. The agency adheres to the guidelines for homestay providers of the Government of Canada.

Our primary objective is promoting cultural exchange, language immersion, and comfortable stays offering personalized placement services between students and host families.

We recruit homestays situated in metropolitan areas and the suburbs and located primarily close to city centers, schools, colleges, or universities. Most of them easy access to public transportation routes.

The founder was an international student who aspired to study and travel abroad. He stayed in a homestay with a local host family in Europe to practice a foreign language, learn about local lifestyle and culture.

Later on, the founder and his family became more involved in providing homestay accommodations to foreign and exchange students and understanding their needs.

With the rising trend of the free-for-all, booking, and classified websites, we discovered that the ability to search for and book homestay was somewhat cumbersome, risky, and impersonal for most students and their parents.

"The need for a live person is an essencial part of securing a personalized homestay placement. I established IHA to meet the needs for customized homestay services.," Ehab El-Zanaty said.

Mailing Address:

Caulfeild Village RPO 93040,

West Vancouver, British Columbia,

Canada V7W 3G4

Toll-free: 1 800-505-6775