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International Homestay Agency

The agency was established and incorporated in March of 2005 in British Columbia Canada. IHA-International Homestay Agency is a subsidiary of and operated by VHA-Vancouver Homestay Agency, Inc. We adhere to the guidelines established for homestay providers by the Government of Canada. The agency assists a vast network of homestay partners in Canada, United States, and Australia.

An extensive network of over 18,000 host families in English-speaking countries.
Homestay homes located close to public transportation and transit hubs.
Law abiding homestay citizens who offer safe and welcoming home experience.
Keen homestay hosts who are interested in hosting foreign and domestic students.

Our Mission

Promote the culture exchange and language immersion experience by coordinating homestay accommodation search and booking arrangement for both students and host families.

Our Founder


I was a student who always aspired study and travel abroad, and stayed in a homestay to practice a foreign language and learn about foreign cultures. The homestay was a great way for me to practice the language lesson of the day while forming new friendships. On my journeys, I enjoyed the company and kindness of wonderful host families. It was a great cultural experience and much fun.

At the start, I found that the ability to search for and book a homestay was somewhat a challenge. Most schools or colleges did not offer or have available homestay vacancies. 

When I joined hotel school, I spoke highly of my travels and my experiences at the homestay with classmates and professors. At the time the Internet was not even available in 1987 to communicate my ideas with others. As the time progressed, I gained access and gained the necessary expertise to help students and families. 

At the start, I worked my way on assisting one student and homestay family at a time. While doing so, I found that the human interaction to facilitate successful placement will continue to be paramount. Although the rise of online homestay booking automation providers became widely available, the coordinated efforts and introduction by a live coordinator must stay part of the placement process.

I believe in homestay as a great learning experience for students to immerse in foreign cultures, practice speaking a foreign language, and communicate effectively with others. A well-coordinated homestay experience from the start becomes an excellent way to promote multiculturalism, harmony, and peace in the world. 

Our long-term goal is to continue engaging and collaborating with the homestay community, international students, and educators worldwide. We could not achieve this success without the support of our dedicated partners, loyal sponsors, and homestay providers.

Thank you all for your support.

Ehab El-Zanaty, Founder and CEO

Mailing Address:

  • P.O. Box 93040,
  • Caulfeild Village RPO,
  • West Vancouver, BC
  • Canada V7W 3G4
  • Toll-free: 1 800-505-6775

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