Becoming a host with IHA

How to become a homestay host?

Being a homestay host for international students and guests is a way to make extra income while forming global connections. As a host, you should provide a comfortable room with furniture, clean linens, good lighting, and necessary amenities such as utilities and high-speed internet. You should be welcoming, speak English, and show the student around the neighbourhood while providing information on local attractions and activities. Joining a homestay agency can simplify the process and assist with the booking agreement. By offering a comfortable and enriching experience, you can form meaningful relationships with international students and earn extra income.

Homestay earnings start from:

Room only
Start from
a month

Private room



With Breakfast
Start from
a month

Private room



With Three Meals
Start from
a month

Private room


3 meals

Hosting International Students: Essential Considerations

When hosting international students, it's important to provide them with a comfortable, furnished guest room and a welcoming environment. This should include a comfortable bed with clean linens, a desk and chair, a closet, a door, and a window for privacy.

You should also include utilities and high-speed internet access, which is considered a necessity for most students. All household members should be able to communicate in English when the student is present and be ready to assist them in any way necessary.

As a host, you should also show the student around your neighbourhood and provide them with information on how to stay safe, commute to and from school or college, and shop for food and other necessities. You can also suggest local attractions and fun places to visit, and provide them with a map, home address, or contact card for their peace of mind when they go out on their own.

Finally, it's a great idea to include the student in fun activities with your family; they may even be willing to pay their part for these experiences themselves.

To easily list your homestay online, you can create an anonymous webpage, receive student inquiries directly in your inbox, and accept or decline inquiries with a click of a button. A coordinator will contact you when a student is interested and help with homestay agreement.

- Provide a comfortable and furnished guest room, with amenities such as a comfortable bed with clean linen, good lighting, desk and chair, closet, door, and privacy-ensuring window with shade.

- Include utilities and high-speed internet access in the homestay rate.

- Maintain a welcoming and English-speaking environment for students.

- Meet students upon arrival, show them around your home and neighbourhood, and advise on safety and transportation.

- Provide information on local attractions and assist with public transit navigation.

- Optionally, include students in family activities and provide a map, home address, or contact card for solo excursions.

- List your homestay online and receive inquiries through a coordinator.

- Easily accept or decline inquiries and complete the booking process with help from the coordinator.