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Homestay Services

Hosts  accommodate Which Type of GUESTS in their HomeStay Homes

Host families always welcome students and long-term stay guests in their lovely homes. Our homestay coordinators will assist you to find and book English or French-speaking families. The agency staff facilitates the process of homestay search, selection and booking process for

  • Extended family members,
  • international  and domestic students,
  • second language students,
  • high school students,
  • college and university students,
  • foreign exchange students,
  • temporary relocating individuals,
  • interns and trainees,
  • working holiday visa holders,
  • and student parents and their family members.

Why use homestay booking services?

  • A large number of homestay partners.
  • Access to easy public transportation.
  • Experienced homestay coordinators.
  • Offers from hosts within 3 business days.
  • Pay as low as 10%  to book your homestay fees.
  • Pay remaining balance in small payments after arrival.

Why list your homestay with us?

  1. List your homestay free of charge or upgrade it for a small subscription.
  2. Regular screening of homestay students and booking assistance.
  3. Receive student or guest information before accepting anyone.
  4. Complete your homestay offer in minutes and leave the rest to us.
  5. When a student is interested, a coordinator will contact you.