Homestay Pricing

What does a homestay usually include?

Homestay families provide affordable and comfortable furnished rooms, making them a cost-effective alternative to furnished apartments or shared accommodations. The homestay prices come inclusive of essential utilities like electricity, heat, water, laundry, and high-speed internet. A majority of the homestays offer wireless internet at no additional cost. Additionally, many homestay families include up to three daily meals.

2024 Monthly Rates Start From:

Rooms only
no meals start from
a month

Furnished Room

Shared Kitchen

WiFi Access

Breakfast only
one meal starts from
a month

Furnished Room


WiFi Access

Full board
three meals start from
a month

Furnished Room

3 meals

WiFi Access

These homestay rates can vary based on location, time of year, room occupancy, and length of stay. Host families set rates that are in line with local averages to help support students and newcomers. You can find average monthly homestay rates using our search tool. You can also filter the results by country, state, or city: click here

Reasons to use our homestay booking services:

  1. Convenient location with easy access to public transportation.
  2. Lower registration fees start at USD 149/CAD 210 per student than most agencies.
  3. Personal support from a homestay coordinator throughout the booking process.
  4. Quick and efficient service with homestay offers received in a few days.
  5. Affordable booking fees start from 12% of the homestay fees.
  6. Ongoing support from a dedicated coordinator from the start.

Homestay satisfaction is important to us:

  • Assistance with changing homestays. *
  • Extending and rebooking your homestay.*
  • Support with hiring a custodian for minors. *
  • Enrollment into ESL programs. *

(*) Subject to vacancies and some conditions may apply.