Annual Basic Listing

USD 49

Thank you for choosing to list your homestay with us. Kindly continue with our secure checkout to pay your activation fee for your listing annual subscription. Next, click on add to cart, then view cart, and click again on Proceed to checkout button to complete your payment with a major credit card. A homestay coordinator will review your listing application with 72 hours. Kindly check your email inbox upon completion to return and complete any missing parts of your listing application.

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Basic Listing Features

  • Online Visibility: Show your homestay listing page anonymously online for homestay students.
  • Upload your photographs: Show your homestay listing to international students and their contacts.
  • Get found in the search results: Activate your listing will appear in the search results in the homestay list.
  • Receive notifications: Receive notifications about upcoming students coming to your area by email.
  • Basic listing for one year. 
Upgrade your listing to sponsor premium listing at anytime.
You can cancel or delete your listing at anytime. 
Listing setup fee is non-refundable.
The activation is valid for 12 months and renewable automatically without applying again.
Listing fee is guaranteed will remain the same price, if you don't cancel recurring payments.
Cancel your subscription at anytime by contacting us.

Additional information

Host Listing Services

Priority Placement, Best Positioning, Higher Income, Detail Page, Flexible Subscription, Telephone Support

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